Saturday, July 5, 2008

Introducing A.Mizzle & J.Dawg

Aidan Monk a.k.a A.Mizzle, Vicram, The Monk Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Jon Muru - a.k.a J.Dawg, WT'sFinest, The Muru Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Well, I Jon Muru may of created this here blog
But Aidan & Muru are The Not So Dynamic Duo
Doing whatever the fudge they can do,
be it,
> Recording them talk abosolute garbage.

> Talk about doing parodies of songs, that never usually materialise.

> Film random things, and sometimes pass it off as actual footage.

>Aidan has recently taken up the idea that he can learn to play guitar

>Jon Muru considers himself as a Rapper? well, not quite.
he tends to jus mumble and probably offend some people.

Well, I think i'll be posting mainly,
About random things I or Aidan get up too.
Like Aidan, he jus came back from China,
and while he was gone for 2 weeks, i had Television as a friend.
I'm not a tele addict a such but i watch good tv.

So, jus expect the not so unexpected cos, im sure somewhere
in this "blog world" someone will say the same things ive said etc.

And Then It Was Birth'd

Well, The 4th Of July may of been American Independance Day,
and the same day that a crazy man woman gave birth!!
But today Aidan & Muru hit the Blog Scene, a New Blogger has been born.